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Thread: Eat- sleep patterns

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    My daughters eating schedule used to be ever 2-3 hours, eating on 1 side. the last week she has started going 3-4 hours and eating on both sides. she is now 4 weeks old and has been gaining weight consistently and has a good number of wet diapers. is this normal for her to be going longer between feeding now? sometimes she will eat for a while on 1 side and just a little on the other side, but there are times she eats just a little on each side and then sleep for 3 hours. I am mainly worried about my milk supply will it be ok?

    I am trying really hard to solely breast feed with this child but i keep stressing that her eating schedule is going to make my milk dry up. I thought about pumping in between her eating but I never know when she will want to eat so I hate to pump and then have her wake up shortly after and not have enough to feed her.

    Are any of these things to be worried about? We have made it 4 weeks just breast feeding I don't want to have to start supplementing now.

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    as long as you feed your baby on demand and pump to replace any missed feedings while you are away from her you should be fine....

    I'd like to add that anytime you start to see and rely on a schedule it will most likely change. your baby is so very young still and will be going through many developmental changes each of which will most likely cause her to need you more or less as time goes on.

    for now the best advice I can give you is to enjoy every second of your baby!!
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    There's also nothing wrong with offering before she cues. If she isn't hungry she won't eat but she may decide she is because you've offered. I hope that makes sense. As long as weight gain is good and youre getting enough wet and poopy diapers try not to watch the clock!
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