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Thread: Won't take pumped bottle during night feelings!

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    Default Won't take pumped bottle during night feelings!

    Hi! I'm trying to transition our baby, 6 months, to taking a bottle at night feedings so 1. Daddy can take a night feeding so I can get more than 3 hours of sleep at a time and 2. We can take weekend trip while grandma babysits (or even a night out!).

    He does fine at day school with bottles and will even take a bottle from me during the day. We've tried night feedings and he refuses! Any suggestions?

    Also, does anyone have suggestions on supplementing formula in the event I don't have enough frozen stored for a weekend trip?


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    Default Re: Won't take pumped bottle during night feelings!

    Babies are smart. Your baby knows you're available at night, and he knows that if he refuses the nighttime bottle he's more likely to get his cuddle time with mommy! He's also protecting his milk supply. Night nursing keeps your prolactin (the milk-making hormone) levels high, which creates better overall supply. With a 6 month old baby who is still completely dependent on your milk, you shouldn't skip nursing sessions unless you're going to replace them with pumping sessions- and that's not going to gain you any sleep!

    That being said, if you need baby to take a bottle the only way to make it happen is to keep trying. Try different bottles, different nipples, try warm milk instead of cold, cold instead of warm, hold baby upright, lay him down- just keep trying!!!

    In the event that you don't have enough stored for a weekend trip, here are some tips:
    - Make sure your baby will drink formula before you go. Formula has a very different taste from breastmilk- it's kind of metallic and yucky- and not all babies are willing to accept it!
    - If baby will not drink formula plain, it may be necessary to mix it with breastmilk so that baby will accept it. Start by offering a 75% breastmilk bottle, then a 50% breastmilk bottle, then a 25% breastmilk bottle, etc., until baby will take straight formula.
    - Ideally, you should not mix formula and breastmilk in the same bottle. The storage guidelines for breastmilk and formula are different; unused breastmilk can go back in the fridge, whereas unused formula must be discarded. What you want to do when supplementing is to feed baby a bottle of breastmilk and then top him off with a second bottle of formula.

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    Default Re: Won't take pumped bottle during night feelings!

    Mommal...thanks for the advice and tips...I very much appreciate them!

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