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Thread: Smelly pee?

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    Default Smelly pee?

    My daughter has had smellier pee and I wonder if it's b/c we both need more water in our diet. She's not running a fever and her appetite is the same. She feeds on demand but is also eating foods. I have a ped app. on Tuesday and plan to see if the smell lessens if I give her at least 2 oz of water.

    Have any of your babies experienced this. I've hear teething can cause smelly pee. I don't think it's a UTI.

    How do docs check for a UTI in an infant?

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    Default Re: Smelly pee?

    If a doc needs to check an infant for a UTI, they stick this funky little plastic pouch over the baby's genital area and wait until the baby pees,filling the pouch. But I don't know that I would suspect a UTI unless baby was in discomfort when peeing, or running a fever.

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