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Thread: Pumping and storage questions

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    Default Pumping and storage questions

    Hi, my lo is 7 weeks 2 days old and I just started pumping last week. I have a Medela Pump in Style pump and am pumping into the Medela storage bags.

    How long can the pumped milk stay in the refrigerator before I transfer it to a stand alone freezer?

    I go back to work in September and for now am pumping so dh can give lo an occasional bottle. What works best for you? Would you warm the milk in the bag prior to filling bottle or prefill bottles in the fridge? What is the best way to warm the milk? Any hints, tips, or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

    Also I bought the Tommee Tippee bottles with the newborn colic set and even though it's their slowest nipple it's too fast for dd. What bottle do you find is best?


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    It depends on your milk how long it can stay in the fridge, or up to 8 days. Mine will not last that long in the fridge. I would suggest leaving some in the fridge and tasting it a couple times a day. If it starts tasting nasty, you probably have lipase and should scald any milk you plan to store longer than however long it took to begin turning.

    I don't heat milk for bottles. I store it all in bags as it takes up less room and thaws faster.

    I do not like anything by TT. None of my babies would use any of those bottles. I would not buy a bunch of anything until I could try it with my baby.
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    Default Re: Pumping and storage questions

    I have been pumping for 1 and half years.

    Your pumped milk should be okay in the fridge for a day before transfering to the freezer - but I agree with the previous poster - you want to do some taste tests to see what time limit works best for your milk. How do you know if it tasts right?? Do some tasting of your fresh pumped milk to get a feel for how it should taste fresh. That will help you figure out what UNfresh milk tastes like. (Keep in mind, the foods YOU eat may slightly alter the flavor of your milk.)

    I LOVE the "Breastflow" bottles, because the double nipple requires the baby to drink milk simliar to the way he/she does and the breast AND as a result they are slow flow. The also aid a caregiver with not overfeeding because the baby remains in control of the the flow.
    You can get them at Target (not at Babies R Us).


    To prepare express milk for caregivers, I usually prefill 3 bottles with 3 ounces each. I have a bottle warmer, so they can warm the milk.
    If your going to use a warmer, you'll want to test it out to learn what water level and settings get result in the right temp. I went so far as measuring what temperature my milk is when it first leaves the breast and figured out how to get the same temp result from my warmer.

    Other tips and pointers:

    * Stuff to have in your pump bag:
    Something to read, a hands-free bra (see below), a towl, a battery pack power cord (in case you need to pump on the go or without power), a nursing cover (in case you need to pump in the car), extra freezer/storage bags, extra membranes for your pump, baby wipes (in case you are away from your sink and needs to somewhat clean your equipment), ice packs (see below), a little bottle of vinegar - keep at work, a bottle brush, long Q-tips (ask your doctor for some, they usually have them sitting on the counter in the exam room).

    * Get a hands free bra - or just make one my cutting little holes in a sports bra - to slip on when you are pumping. This allows your hands free to eat, drink, read a book, play with your iPhone - or whatever. It sure helps with the day after day chore of pumping.

    * Always stand up before your remove those horns from your breast after pumping, in order to avoid getting drips on your pants.

    * Keep a couple of Ice packs in the freezer at your work if you can. If you find your pumping room is a little warm or you are worried about the amount of time your pumped milk is out, you can always put an ice pack on your milk bottles/bags and put a towl over it to lock in the cold.

    *Nothing cleans milk residue from bottles and equipment like white vinegar. Keep a big bottle at your house. Use long Q-Tips to get in to the little crack and crevices on your equipment. I like to soak my bottles and in equipment in a big bowl of water, a few tablespoons of vinegar and a little dishsoap for a half a day at the end of a workweek, before washing and drying for the next week.

    * I wash and reuse my freezer bags once.

    * Use a sharpie to write notes on your freezer bags.

    * I keep my frozen milk bags in a seperate bag in my freezer to keep them from getting lost and falling through the cracks.

    I hope this helps!
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    Default Re: Pumping and storage questions

    Thanks everyone for all of your help. So the bags that I put in the freezer I should toss then right? They were in the fridge for 4 days prior to freezing and I didn't realize that you couldn't do that. Back to the drawing board. lol

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    Default Re: Pumping and storage questions

    I think there was a little confusion about the storage questions. I just don't want you to throw out milk when you didn't need to. Check out this site http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/m...e/milkstorage/

    I agree with Susan about checking for lipase. I wish I had. It isn't suppose to be common but it is depressing going day by day trying to work on having enough for the next day of work. And wilsonduo97 had some great advice too.
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