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    I am the mother of a 1 week old little girl. When we were at the hospital after delivery, she latched on without a problem. Now that I have had to supplement formula, she is not interested in breastfeeding by latching on. I have tried pumping, but only am able to get 1 ounce total after pumping both breasts for 15-20 minutes. Whenever I attempt to get her to latch on, she screams. Please HELP!!!!!!

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    I had similar issues with my son after early supplementing so I can understand you desperation. have you tried to attend an IRL LLL meeting yet? have you tried contacting a IBCLC for assistance? I have to admit that all the over the phone type advice I received did me no real good until I had someone beside me telling me that I was doing the right thing, watching me nurse and encouraging me to continue. it also allowed me to meet real people face to face and get some real support which was probably what I needed most of all.

    can you explain what's happened so far? at what point were you told to supplement and for what reasons? how much have you been supplementing and have you been offering the breast at all?

    some things that helped me early on with my son were:

    both us getting into a warm bath with the lights dimmed, and allowing him to latch/nurse/dream feed
    taking a nursing vacation and staying in bed all day (or a few days) with my son
    offering the breast while he was sleeping/while we were sitting outside/ different settings
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    Kellymom.com has a good article called help-my baby won't nurse! Check that out for ideas encouraging baby to nurse.

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