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Thread: Argh, this isn't fun anymore

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    I would say "all done!" and end the feeding when it seemed like Joe was more into throwing than eating. At this age, he also HARDLY ate solids. But lengthening feedings just meant more stuff on the floor, not in his mouth. He didn't really get into solids until he was closer to 15 months. I also have dogs, so that helps (way to get your dogs to LOVE your gropey, crazed toddler!), but at some point, it would just be clear that eating time was over.

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    Thanks for the suggestions! Yeah I guess since she suddenly started to get interested in actually eating food around 11 months, I think I lost sight of the fact that she's not goig to just suddenly gobble everything up that I give her. Especially since she still very much prefers nursing. (which, btw, the book Mothering Your Nursing Toddler is pretty much rocking my world right now even though I just started reading it!)

    Joe's mom-- congrats on the baby! Or should I say joeandmaggie's mom? joe looks super proud to be maggie's big brother in your pic!

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