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Thread: Concerned w/ DD's new nursing behavior

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    Default Concerned w/ DD's new nursing behavior

    6.5 month, 12lb., 8+ wet diapers per day / BM's are every few days.

    Recently she has been groaning, making funny noises and pushing my breast while nursing. Her latch is the same and nothing has changed in my lifestyle, i.e. feeding frequency (on demand) diet, medications (none), etc. I have never been able to feel my let down, so I don't know if it has to do with that changing to a slower than normal let down? She hardly ever gets bottles, so I know it's not her being frustrated of a slower flow.

    The only thing I can think of is that she has truly started to teeth as I can see where 2 are coming in on the bottom and she has very fussy moments throughout the day that are unlike her. Is she acting weird because the nursing makes the teething pain worse? She doesn't act up when I nurse her to bed at night or throughout the night ... that has me even more confused!

    Really hoping it's teething causing this behavior and I don't have anything wrong with my supply as she is already a very slow gainer and ped mentioned supplementing at her last appt. When I asked her what she thought of her weight, she said she was fine because she's following her curve, but then at the end of the appt. ped randomly asked how much I can pump. I hardly ever pump, but when I do I barely get 2oz. total. That is when she suggested supplementing because "whatever the max is you can pump, that's all baby is getting" which I know is complete BS!

    TIA for any thoughts you may have on my situation!

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    Default Re: Concerned w/ DD's new nursing behavior

    Yea, definite bs on the pump comparison. I'd think her diaper output is the better indication of your supply, as long as you're not giving her water or something regularly. Unless her output changes dramatically, I wouldn't worry too much about the supply being the issue.

    Have you gotten your cycle back yet? Any indication of that? My LOs responded similarly when that came back and each month around that time. Otherwise teething may be your best guess. If the teeth are bothering her, maybe try to soothe them before latching on with pressure/cold packs/etc then start your feeding. Or she may just picking up a new behavior. If she isn't unhappy and pulling off and ending the feed, I'd watch her output and go from there.

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    Thank you for your reply and suggestions Kelly! No cycle yet, but that's very interesting that they can act differently to that. Ahh, so weird thinking about AF coming back ... shes been such a great distant memory.

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    Default Re: Concerned w/ DD's new nursing behavior

    I think it is teething my DS has started doing this too. I keep switching and giving breaks when we are together. I think it is just a new phase.
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    Default Re: Concerned w/ DD's new nursing behavior

    She's so NOISY!! This is *just* like my 6.5 month old! Over the past few weeks it's like she just continues talking while nursing... I know she's eating because I can hear the gurgle as she talks and swallows. Then at some point she'll start pushing my breast while pulling back and then she'll grab hold (of shirt or boob - ow!) and pull back on, scrunching her whole body into me. This isn't too bad during the day, but at night, since I nurse in bed she often wakes up my husband and keeps me and herself from falling back to sleep! Glad some one else is experiencing this!

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