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Thread: Green Poos - result of pumping in early weeks?

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    Default Green Poos - result of pumping in early weeks?


    After 4 weeks of pretty much exclusive pumping as my daughter (1 month) would not latch (low birth weight/sleepy/weight loss) I have finally managed to Get my daughter off the bottles of ebm and nursing from the breast!!! Obviously I am over the moon and she has now been nursing with no ebm top ups or bottles for 6 days. I stopped pumping as soon as I got her latching back on and then for the next two days my breasts were overfill, engorged and painful. We nursed through it (managed to avoid pumping as felt supply needed to regulate itself to my daughters needs as soon as possible).

    First couple of days we had loads of wet and yellow stool nappies and by day 4 my breasts were softer and the pain had subsided. For the last two days though my daughter has been a bit gassy (esp. When lying flat) and her stools have turned green. She seems settled at the breast and well aside from the slight gassiness.

    I wonder if I need to worry about the stool colour? Will these resolve now my supply seems to be levelling out? Should I just monitor them or should I take her to the doctor? I feel it is just a result of the early pumping and it should self resolve ? Would appreciate thoughts/advice/experience.

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    Congratulations on getting your baby to the breast! That's a wonderful achievement and I hope You'll stick around the forum to give hope and advice to moms in similar situations- there are so many moms who come here with non-latching babies!

    Now, on to the green poops. You don't need to worry about them. They are not a health problem in and of themselves, and there's nothing your doc can do to fix them except give you good breastfeeding management advice (or really bad advice, like "Use formula"). What you want to do is wait a while, and see if the green poops pass on their own as your supply adjusts to baby's needs. Nurse the baby frequently and try adopting reclined nursing positions to slow milk flow and make it easier for baby to nurse. If the baby's poop remains consistently green after a couple weeks, you may need to progress to block feeding. But since block feeding is designed to reduce milk supply, you don't want to make it your first stop on the green poop journey.

    Since you're transitioning to nursing after 4 weeks of bottles, be extra watchful over baby's diaper output and weight gain for a while.

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    Default Re: Green Poos - result of pumping in early weeks?

    I would not worry about it right now. You could try starting with the breast you ended with if it really bugs you, as the fats come off the wall of the ducts faster on that side, but unless they are accompanied by other symptoms, green stools are actually within the realm of normal.

    Congratulations on not having to EP!
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    Default Re: Green Poos - result of pumping in early weeks?

    Wow yes green poops are irrelevant until proven otherwise. Ditto gassy, babies are gassy, that is normal, and often they get more fussy after the first few weeks. And you now have the perfect tool for comforting baby, your breasts! You are nursing at the breast after a month of bottles! That is fantastic. Enjoy this time after all your hard work. If other symptoms show up, let us know.

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