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Thread: We did it!!!

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    Congrats mama!! What a sweet sweet post and i hope you continue to enjoy breastfeeding as you baby evolves into toddlerhood!!

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    to juliasmommy-

    Same here!!! I feel SOOOO hungry despite the fact that DS nurses for less time. HE probably has 3-4 true nursings (he nurses 5-10 minutes) but the other times (between 2-4 more times) he just fiddles and plays and is off in 3 minutes! I feel like I still have plenty of milk but I feel ravenous at every meal...None of my friends have made it this far so no one knows what im talking about!
    I was wondering about this too, i'm ravenous too (DS nurses 8-10x still).
    Punk-rock luvin mate to DH and mama to DD1 (born '03) , DD2 (born '08) and nursling DS (born '11) who survived infant botulism.

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    Congratulations- what an accomplishment for both you & your child!

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