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Thread: 4 days away from 13 month old

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    Default 4 days away from 13 month old

    My first child nursed and slept in her crib on schedule (she set it) for 26 months during which I traveled for nights away at a time every few months. Yea breastpump.

    My second child, currently 13 months, co-sleeps, nurses on demand, and does not consistently fall asleep on his own. I have managed to not spend any nights away from him since birth (just a happy coincidence) but must travel for 3 nights without him in a couple of weeks. I don't plan to have any pumped milk stored up for him (he has no interest in a bottle) and I plan to pump to keep up my supply while away.

    Any advice on setting him and everyone else up for success regarding no mom, no boob, no milk, and no co-sleeping/sleeping in crib? (my husband doesn't feel confident he won't roll on top of him at night.)

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    Prepare dad for helping your child get to sleep, and then maybe having to get up a few times during the night to help child comfort back to sleep. Maybe you could go out with friends one night before your trip so your husband gets some practice gentling your child to sleep ahead of being alone for several days.

    Also setting up some kind of bedtime routine now may help, like, bath, story, etc. Dim lighting and screens off can help set the stage for sleep, maybe a sound machine?

    Can your child sleep in the same room with dad but not the same bed maybe? And what are the ages of your two kids-would they be interested in sleeping together in the same room? Many kids transition out of parents bed by sleeping with siblings, but depending on sizes/ages of the kids you would have to think about safety there as well...

    When we were transitioning my oldest into his own room at age 3 and I was nursing a baby, my husband would rock him to sleep while humming or singing, after stories, etc. If that did not work, he would lay down with our son in our son’s bed or on the floor by his bed until he want to sleep.

    Also, even though you will not have milk stored for him, some water in a sippy and a easy by the bed snack may help, if your son is nursing at night he may well get hungry or thirsty at night when you are gone.

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