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    My baby girl is 7 weeks old. We had a rough start, but nursing is going GREAT!! I'll be going back to work in mid-August. I teach at a college and the most I'll have to be away each day is 4 hours She'll only need 1 bottle away from me a day!

    I've been pumping and storing what extra milk I have in the freezer. I normally just pump in the evening or so and I get about 2.5oz a day. I've got probably 10 2.5oz bags in the freezer.

    We're going to FAMILY CAMP next week and baby girl will be in the nursery for 3 hours at a time. Do you think I should bring some breastmilk from my frozen stash for her? Should I just pump each evening and give them what I have fresh? I'm worried I'll get dehydrated or something and wish I had the frozen breastmilk but, then again, if I'm nursing her right before I drop her off she shouldn't need much....

    What do I do? I'm so proud to be exclusively breastfeeding and I've never had to deal with something like this! How do you handle being away?

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    I would say that for 3 hours, you might be able to nurse her right before and then right when you pick her up and be fine. But you might want to leave something just in case.

    Is there a reason you can't take the baby with you though? I find a good baby carrier works great for things like that, but I realize that its not for everyone.

    Hope it goes well for you!
    Mommy to 3 beautiful girls!

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