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Thread: No milk but 18mo still trying

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    Question No milk but 18mo still trying

    The weaning process started about 2 weeks ago. We went on vacation during the 4th and my daughter was always to busy and didn't seem to have an interest in nursing, unless it was bed time. When we came home last week this continued, and she would have "bored feeding" where she she really didn't want to nurse she was just bored so she would do it. However, in the last few days I have completely dried up, and she is still wanting to suckle even though she is not getting anything. What am I supposed to do? I have been allowing it but last night it really was starting to hurt, and she cried for almost an hour on and off because nothing was coming out. I had no plans to wean until she was ready and she was the one that decided she didn't have time anymore but now its like she is having second thoughts and I am out of milk completely. I could really use any help or support anyone can provide.


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    Welcome to the forum!

    If you're okay with letting your LO nurse, she'll be able to bring your milk back even though it's dried up. It might take a little while, depending on how much demand you get from your toddler. More demand, and it will come back faster. Less demand, and the process will be slower. If you want to increase supply and your toddler isn't doing the job, you can always pump, and try some supplements (oatmeal, fenugreek).

    If you're ready to move on and let breastfeeding end, you have 2 choices. The first is to be tough and just say no. That will mean some sad, difficult interludes for you and your toddler, but it will get the job of weaning done. The second is to allow your toddler to nurse, but to set some limits on the nursing so that you don't end up sore. A few seconds of nursing is unlikely to hurt, so you can do something like say "Okay, you can nurse but ONLY until I finish singing 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star'" or "You can nurse, but when I count to 10 you're going to be done and we're going to go brush teeth/get a snack/read a story/whatever".

    Just a quick caveat: if you're pregnant, that could explain the sore nipples and could preclude you from getting any supply back.

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