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Thread: Please tell me this too shall pass!

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    Thank you all so much for the encouraging words. I will look into reflux! He doesn't spit up at all though so not sure? Perhaps silent reflex as suggested by someone in my "cutting dairy" thread.

    Happymom, when were you able to start working put after the first? I physically can work out but my LO is seriously on me 23 and a 1/2 hours a day.. Only way he'll sleep! hoping he'll start napping for at least an hour on his own during the day so I can at least hop on the treadmill.. Getting a little depressing but not going to stick with the nursing

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    I started doing a yoga class around 4-5 weeks. After that I started back at some weight training around 6 weeks. I did not start running again until around 3 months since I had some pressure down there and just wanted that to go away. My husband was home full time at the time so I was able to rely on him to watch the baby. Whan he went back to work we worked it around our schedules. I also invested in a nice jogging stroller and got lots of work outs that way. I was out the door with him in the middle of winter just to get out of the house. He had a hard time even in the stroller. I had to go over all of the bumps in the road since that would settle him down. But once he settled he fell asleep and it was the only time of day that I felt peacefull. BUT I remember there being times when I had to call my husband to pick us up while I was out jogging with him cuz he would not stop crying. It was just awful. Gosh those are some baaad memories!! I am pregnant now (am I crazy?!?!) but hoping this one calms easily!! It will be quite some time till I can work out now since I am unable to do so due to pre term labor but that shall pass too!!!

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