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    I work days, while my husband stays home with our 5 month old daughter. He works nights, while I stay home with her. I nurse her, and she eats just fine. However, my husband bottle feeds her my expressed milk, and she has barely been eating it lately! She isn't even eating half as much as what she was eating last week! My husband tried giving her Pedialyte (so she wouldn't get dehydrated), and she took that just fine. She's been extra fussy lately too. She used to sleep through the night, and now she wakes up at least once. She is exclusively breastfed. I'm not sure what's going on. Could she be teething? What can we do?

    ( I'm new to this...it's a little confusing... )

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    At 5 months I'd be surprised if she wasn't teething. The teeth may not break through for several months yet- my kids didn't get their first teeth until around 8 months, some kids don't get them until closer to a year- but even if the teeth aren't at the surface yet they're surely moving around in baby's gums and causing discomfort. So that could explain the night-waking, though increased hunger, a growth spurt, a need to reconnect with mama, or developmental milestones could also explain renewed night-waking.

    Have you taste-tested the expressed milk? Some moms have issues with lipase, which can make stored milk taste pretty yucky.

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