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Thread: No bowel movement for 5 days

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    I am a first time mommy and I have a 3 1/2 month old that has suddenly changed the number of bowel movements she has. She was having a bowel almost every time we changed her, and then around 10 weeks, she suddenly stopped and went to having a bowel movement about every 5 days. When she does have a bowel, it is EXPLOSIVE ! It is very watery, there's alot of it and most of the time comes out of her diaper. I am so very concerned because I don't want her to become dehydrated. I ALWAYS keep nursing her afterwards, and don't give her anything else but breastmilk. The doctor said this is normal, but I just can't see how ! I usually eat a pretty healthy diet, no fast food,sodas, or caffeine. I don't know if it is my breastmilk, or her digestive system, or something else !Also, she is usually a VERY happy baby, rarely fusses and isnt even fussy when she does have her explosive bowels.
    Please Help !

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    What you are describing is totally normal. If your baby is alert and having adequate wet diapers and good weight gain, then you don't need to worry about dehydration. From the LLLI FAQ:

    Some healthy babies will have only one bowel movement a week. When bowel movements are less frequent, they should be more profuse in volume. As long as the baby is gaining well, wetting sufficiently, and is happy and content there is no cause to be alarmed by infrequent bowel movements, and it is not necessary to give the baby a laxative, fruit juice, or any other "helpers." In fact, attempting to force bowel movements can have harmful consequences to your baby.
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    Totally normal, mama. No worries.

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    Totally normal. My older kid pooped once a week from about 5 months on. When she did poop, though, watch out! It was always a diaper-buster.

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