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Thread: Mastitis?

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    My baby is just over 8 months, as most of you know, we have been struggling with OS/OALD since day one. Things have improved slightly. If baby nurses regularly, my boobs cope and so does she, but if she has a distracted or less hungry day then I end up with too much milk stiill. She has had a cold for the last 2 weeks which has made nursing REALLY difficult for her, especially in the mornings, also she is teething badly and has gone from nursing one day loads,the next day hardly nursing and vice versa. In the grand scheme of things, i think that my boobs have coped quite well however a couple of days ago I noticed that my right boob felt kind of uncomfortable, it then developed in to a soreness but I couldn't pin point exactly where. Yesterday when she fed in the night, the feed was painful, not agony but my nipple felt sore. When we woke up yesterday I had a red patch just out from the nipple, but my boob felt soft. During the day, she fed well on it and it is not hard or engorged. I tried some gentle massage and found that it was sore towards my armpit and felt a bit sinewy. I put a hot shower on it and then after nursing applied cold, also I have taken some homeopathic remedies. When I have had mastitis in the past I have always been engorged and it has felt different and I have felt I'll, I don't feel I'll now and am not engorged but I have a red streak from my nipple to my armpit. Usually, with the right treatment, it improves quite quickly, but this is not really improving. My nipple still feels sore and my boob feels bruised and the redness is not going. Does this still sound like mastitis? Am I doing the right things? Could it be caused by a plugged duct rather than by being engorged? If so,is the treatment different and when should it improve? Really don't want to take antibiotics! Thanks

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    I think you hit the nail on the head. this does sound like an inflamed plug duct,
    You are right by not ignoring your symptoms. All the treatments you are using sound like you are on the right track.
    i would add trying to get some extra rest. If you can spend the day in bed with your baby and pamper yourselves that might help clear this duct sooner.
    If you start to feel flu like symptoms, and spike a fever well you know that it's not just a plug but mastitis.
    I know you said you want to avoid the antibiotics but antibiotics are the correct scientific treatment for mastitis.

    mastitis that keeps coming back has an underlying cause..
    wire bra?
    sinus infection?
    gum disease?
    Those are some of the theories i've heard at LLL meetings.
    It is also possible that you have a plugged duct and a yeast infection. Or your daughter irritated your nipple because she has a cold and is teething.

    I kept my baby's nasal aspirator near me and I used it to clear up her snot clogged nose. When she could breathe better she nursed better.
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    Since your nipple feels sore, I'd check it carefully for blebs/blisters. They can look like white dots or like a slightly bubbled-out but otherwise normal bits of skin. They are often more visible right after baby nurses, and they often crop up while baby is teething, and soothing her gums on mom. Blebs often seal off a milk duct, and when that happens it's easy for infection to start brewing in the duct. I think that's what is happening to you- the red streak is infection and you're headed for mastitis if you can't empty this out.

    Treatment for blebs:
    - moisture- keep the skin soft with warm water soaks, lanolin, and/or a cotton ball soaked in olive oil and placed in your bra
    - sterile needle- if you can identify where the bleb is, pick at the skin using a needle until you can express milk from the blocked area
    - once bleb has broken, drain breast thoroughly by letting baby nurse or, if necessary, by pumping, which I know is counterproductive to the oversupply but getting rid of the infection is more important than combatting the oversupply, at least for now

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    Thanks Mommal and esthervegan for responding! Plug gone, used heat and massage before nursing and ice packs after. Luckily my baby fed really well for a couple of days, but what REALLY made a difference was, I rang the homeopathic pharmacy and they advised to mix one Belladona 30c in a glass of water and a Byronia 30c in another glass, take one teaspoon, alternating the remedy, every half an hour until improvement(mix well before each time you take it) saw an improvement within a few hours!

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