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Thread: moms nursing older toddlers

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    Wow! Thanks so much for all the replies. I am happy with our nursing relationship and it just seems right to me. I'm not in any way trying to encourage weaning but I did ask a few days ago, after I had gotten a speech from my son about what a big boy he is now and how he is big enough for things he isn't allowed to do yet , when he would be to big for his milky. His relpy was " I am going to drink my milky forever and ever until it is all gone and then you can make me some more". I laughed and said okay. Needless to say, I think he is nowhere near ready to wean!

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    " I am going to drink my milky forever and ever until it is all gone and then you can make me some more".
    How precious!

    I was one of those folks who never thought much about "extended nursing" until I found myself doing it. My oldest nursed until a few months past his fifth birthday, and probably would have nursed longer if I had not done some mommy led weaning due to being a little burnt out after 2+ years of tandem nursing. My youngest up and stopped nursing one day at age 4 and a half when I would have happily gone much longer. Now I am expecting number 3 and my boys talk about how the baby will love to nurse and waxing nostalgic about thier nursing days. It's very cute.

    I Lead a nursing toddler meeting and even there it is slightly rare for a mom to come who is nursing much past 3, as much as I encourage it. I think part of it is that by age 3 or 4 other activities have taken over so they do not come to meetings but they are still out there! However, at a LLL meeting or an Attachment Parenting International meeting is where you are most likely to find other moms nursing into these years or who at least 'get it'. If no moms at a meeting are nursing that long, talk to your Leader, almost certainly either she has nursed a long time herself or will know folks who do/did.

    In my case family was not really an issue, as we do not live anywhere near any extended family, my husband was for the most part completely on board, and my friends knew better than to question my choices if they did not want to hear a laundry list of the benefits. ( I returned the favor by not questioning THIER choices to wean before a year or never breastfeed at all, I have managed to stay good friends with folks of a wide variety of opinions on many matters by avoiding certain topics in certain company and taking a general live and let live approach.)

    But I am sure without LLL and seeing the positive aspects of nursing long term reflected back to me over and over from other families, I would have felt much more pressure to wean before I or my kids wanted to or were ready to. Also it is really nice to have a place to complain about certain aspects of nursing at that age without the automatic response being "just wean."

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    My daughter is almost 2.5. It looks like we are on the road to three. She still nurses...what? 10-12 times a day? I almost NEVER NIP anymore unless she's hurt super bad. I do still nurse her at my parents' house, but we only basically nurse at home now. I also have nursed her when a friend is nursing her own toddler at a playdate because you know if somebody else is getting it - you gotta have it too!

    One thing that has been really helpful for me is a code word. We call them NuNus and nursing is Nu, which sounds like new. Anyway, then if we are out and about and she is asking about it strangers don't know what she means.

    Oh, and I also taught her to sign for nursing. She also came up with a sign that's kind of a version of "more." Looking at it, it feels like that "more" sign is better in terms of code than milk would be.

    And if you asked me 2.5 years ago if I would still be nursing her, I'd tell you that you were crazy. I never planned on this, but I sure am glad that I'm doing it.

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    You are not alone. Our daughter is 3 years 5 months and our son is almost 7 months. Both love their boo. I wish nursing toddlers was more excepted in our world. She doesn't understand why brother gets boo all day whenever he wants and she doesnt

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    I agree it can get lonely to nurse a toddler, I certainly feel alone sometimes.

    mine is 3 1/2 now and like many I did not plan to nurse that long but somehow we both enjoy it despite some of the issues we face (see my post "embarrssing question"...).

    What i find helpful are funny enough parenting hints in mainstream magazines and books, most of whom advocate to wean by 6 months or at the very latest by age one, because they describe all the same toddler issues we (moms bf beyond accepted norm) face but no one in those articles ascribes them to bf beyond age X (add here whatever age is seen as normal in your environment) but simply to them being toddlers. I am not hot on sharing with my environment that we still bf, but I take great consolation in all those stories about the same difficulties we share and which show me there is nothing wrong with me or my boy, it is simply his age and will pass.

    When i still told people I breastfed (unitl my son was about 2 1/2 i did NIP and also would tell people about it in conversations at the playground etc), if I shared a problem the response was always a uniform: well dont you think if you stopped bf this issue would go away (anything from potty trainingproblems to eating habits, clingyness etc). Now no-one knows or even suspects he still nurses and now the standard reply is: well it is simply his age, don't you worry.
    So in a way being a closet-breast feeder has an advantage as you get unbiased (and often of course unwanted) opinions from grandmothers, aunts and playground acquaintances, and can see that really your child is quite normal in their developement.

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    DS2 nursed until 4 yo and DS3 is 3 yo and currently nursing. Friends and family can be brutal but stand your ground. Don't hide. I found if I hid that we were nursing and people found out they were harsher than what tey are if we are open about it. Hiding it gives them reason to believe that you are embarrassed about it. We DO nurse in public if he asks. He doesn't ask often but I never refuse it if he does. You are doing what is best for you and your child. Don't let anyone tell you different! Great job, momma!!!

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    My Mollie Pocket will be 3 in October and is nursing 3-5x a day with no end in sight. We don't nurse in public but if you come to my house, you may "catch" Mollie getting her ninny - it IS her house. It is a precious time and one that we can never get back once it's gone, so no matter what anyone else says, we continue. A couple of co-workers questioned me the other day when I said something about her nursing... cw - "so when ARE you going to wean her?" me - "I'm not - she'll wean when she gets tired of it." cw - "what if she starts school nursing" me - "so" I simply don't care what anyone else says. I have one child nearly 17yo, one that's 11.5, and Mollie - she is the last and I will NOT give up this time because other people make me uncomfortable. My pastor's wife has 7 children and her most mature, calmest child is the one she nursed the longest - 3+ years. Keep it up as long as you both enjoy it!!
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