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Thread: Starting Solids ?

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    I have awhile before my baby starts any solids, but was wondering when is a good age to start solids ? And how should you start them ? One fruit/vegetable a day or week ? Do I give them just a teaspoon full ? My baby is almost 4 months old, and her daycare told me that they will start feeding her rice cereal at 4 months. I told them NO, that I don't want to feed her solids until 6 months, because that's what I've heard. That you don't have to start solids until babies are 6 months. My baby girl is EBF also.

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    there is a sub forum here all about solids: http://forums.llli.org/forumdisplay....oducing-Solids
    browse there and you will find a wealth of information.
    and here are the kellymom pages on solids: http://kellymom.com/category/nutrition/starting-solids/
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    Check out those links from the PP.
    No solids until 6 months.
    Start with very small quantities- a teaspoonful per day is plenty for an EBF baby. Baby will not require larger quantities of solid food until somewhere around the first birthday, with many babies not transitioning to a majority solids diet until sometime in their second year.
    You can, if you wish, skip spoon-feeding altogether- search the forum for threads on "baby-led solids" if you're interested in a no-spoon approach.
    Introduce single foods, allow baby to try them for a few days, and watch for evidence of any allergic reactions, particularly if there is an allergic tendency in your family. Highly allergenic foods (nuts, peanuts, shellfish) can be delayed until a year or longer if you are concerned.

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