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Thread: Slowed weight gain

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    Default Slowed weight gain

    I think my milk supply has decreased. My 2 month old would gained at least 10oz a week until now. This week he only gained 2oz! I feed in demand but he gets fussy and cries waiting for my second let down so I walk with him nursing to calm him down but this puts him to sleep so I'm not sure if he's getting enough. When he's awake he's happy and active. He has a lot of wet and poopy diapers. He has been sleeping more lately. I don't know if he just grew so fast that now he's slowing down or if I'm not giving him enough? I have a scale so i would do a before and after weigh and he used to get 3 oz per feed but now it's only 2 oz. At night he sleeps for 6 hours and I wake up engorged so he gets enough at night but during the day not much. Should I start pumping during the day to increase production? Should I start taking fenugreek? If so how much? Should I supplement formula until my production increases?

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    Don't panic! It's normal for weight gain to fluctuate from day to day, week to week, and month to month. That's why pediatricians typically don't want to weigh happy, healthy babies every week: zoom in too close on the data and you can freak out over normal variations.

    One thing that often happens is that baby's weight gain will pause while he grows significantly in height (or vice versa). Kids don't allocate their calories equally at all times. And as babies become more mobile, they devote increasing amounts of calories to action (reaching, rolling, kicking, crawling, etc.) and less get packed on as fat. As babies get more active, weight gain slows down a lot, and many babies drop percentiles as they get towards the middle of the first year.

    It's also totally normal for a baby to take in about 2 oz at a feeding throughout the first year. Breastfed babies typically do not increase their volume needs much- which is in contrast to formula-fed babies, who eat increasing amounts as the year progresses.

    Basically, with a happy, healthy, developing, normal baby who is producing lots of wet and poopy diapers, a slowdown in weight gain is nothing to worry about. However, if you're at all concerned, offer the breast more often! It does not sound like you need to pump or take fenugreek, and if you want to keep breastfeeding don't supplement with formula. Formula supplements will trash your supply- every time you supplement with formula, your baby will decrease his demand for breastmilk and your supply will decrease, as well.

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    so agree with mommal. Also
    At night he sleeps for 6 hours and I wake up engorged so he gets enough at night but during the day not much.
    Milk supply normally fluctuates during the day and there is increased production overnight. So a newborn gets enough by nursing frequently the entire day, which includes nights. Not that I necessarily think it is needed based on your post, but if I had any low supply concerns or concerns about baby gaining, and my 2 month old took this long a sleep stretch (somewhat unusual this early) and I was waking up engorged due to it, the first thing I would do is nurse my baby once during that stretch. Probably no need to wake baby even, most babies can nurse in their sleep.

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