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Thread: my baby and I are frustrated and dissapointed.. HELP!!

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    Default my baby and I are frustrated and dissapointed.. HELP!!

    I have been sucessfully breastfeeding my 4th child who is now 2 months old. I recently been ill with kidney infection and high fever. After a visit to the Dr. I took a night of rest and sent baby to grandma's house with bottle and formula. I felt like a sack of poo so i took my meds and fell asleep lying on my tummy...all night and never woke to pump. when i woke the next day my engorged breast were the size of texas and hurt so i took my pump with me to a warm bath and expressed about 8oz of watery milk. since then my milk has almost dissapeared, i went from being able to express atleast 3 good ounces from each breast to barely an ounce between the two. this happened practicly over night. my babe is ill with me..or so it seems, not happy with this or that and to make it worse i cant get the little guy to latch on sometimes bc he starts crying when i try. i realy wish i could fix this. im not ready to give up on nursing. is there anything i can do to keep my milk from completely going away? is this reversable? please help!!

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    Default Re: my baby and I are frustrated and dissapointed.. HELP!!

    Welcome to the forum! I'm sorry you've been unwell. If you're ever that sick again- and I hope you won't be!- do your best to nurse through it: that's the best way to maintain supply.

    It's very normal for a night of engorgement to result in diminished supply. Sickness can also reduce supply. However, lowered supply is almost always completely reversible. Milk supply is governed by demand. Increase demand, and supply will go up. Usually all you need to do is let your baby nurse, nurse, nurse, and then nurse some more, and watch baby's diaper output. As long as baby is having enough wet diapers, he is getting enough to eat. Your situation may be somewhat complicated by the fact that baby seems resistant to nursing. If baby is not nursing well, you may want to throw in some pump sessions after he finishes, to boost supply a little more quickly.

    Are you supplementing with formula or pumped milk at this point? If you are, that's not something you should ideally be doing because it's teaching baby that he can get fed very easily if he just acts fussy enough. This can lead to a baby rejecting the breast in favor of the bottle.

    Fussiness at the breast is not always about supply. Often It's about flow speed. When you were making at least 3 oz per breast- which is about double average production- your flow was probably quite rapid. At this point, flow is probably slow, and that can make baby unwilling to nurse, because who wants to have to work hard for their meal? Still, if you give him no choice but to nurse, he's likely to bring your supply back up to where he wants it to be.

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