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Thread: Not Responding to Pump

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mama308 View Post
    You ladies are great! Instead of staring at the bottles (like I used to do), I just watched some funny clips on YouTube and pumped plenty with no problem at all. It worked again today. Crazy how the mind-body works together like that. I am still going to replace my parts (at least to have a back up) but taking my mind off of it did wonders. Thanks so much!
    My best tip for pumping was that I downloaded TV shows that I wanted to watch (especially the ones DH didn't like) and watched them as I pumped. It made it turn into a little bit of "me" time and took my mind off pumping. Sometimes I looked down to almost full bottles without realizing how good I was doing, or all of a sudden felt a second let down, which I never had if I was paying too much attention!

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    great news!!!
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    One last thing, from personal experience: are you under any additional stress? You said you aren't letting down, was this an overnight occurrence? That happened to me once when DD was about 7 or 8 months old. Mid terms were around the corner, I was stressed, and I couldn't let down and could only hand express about an ounce or less (my hands got tired) at a time. What it took for me, was just vegging in front of the TV for almost an entire TV episode (about 45 minutes) of pumping before I finally let down. After that, it started to take less and less time to pump again to get MY normal 3-4 ounces in a session (but I have a little peanut who doesn't eat as much as yours obviously). Good luck!

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    It started happening a few weeks ago. I don't feel stressed but we went from no kids to 3 kids in just over a year (adopted 2 boys July 2011, baby born January 2012). So...we've been through a lot. We are all still adjusting and overall doing well. My body always knows I'm stressed before my brain does I'm sure it is a combination of things.

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