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Thread: Baby squirming at breast-weak suck. Please help!

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    Default Baby squirming at breast-weak suck. Please help!

    My 3 month old son has been squirming at the breast. Initially he latches on strong then his suck almost immediately weakens, his latch loosens, and he starts squirming. He continues trying to suck, but it’s not strong enough to get any milk out. He is healthy and weighs almost 12lbs. I have had to supplement him with formula after each feeding since he was almost a week old due to low milk supply. I have tried everything to increase my milk and now taking Domperidone (which is supposed to be guaranteed to work), but now he is not nursing well. Any suggestions are welcome- Please help me! I have tried swaddling him, going in a dark room, eliminating distractions, and sing or talking to him, but nothing works. If this doesn’t improve my milk will completely dry up so any suggestions are welcome!!

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    Default Re: Baby squirming at breast-weak suck. Please help!

    Have you been pumping? If your baby has never been able to extract milk effectively, or you have been supplementing, the usual recommendation is that moms pump frequently with a very good pump, in order to try to keep up milk supply. So maybe you could maybe pump a bit more often until this is resolved?

    IS the weak suck new? I wonder if he is simply getting tired of having to work for it at the breast, since he knows he will get a bottle anyway.

    Also a baby this age will often get so good at nursing they can extract the milk needed in just a few minutes, and either be done & pop off or want to comfort nurse. Comfort nursing is fine & normal and helps stimulate milk production. Usually there is some milk transfer even with a slower more gentle suck. How do you know baby is extracting NO milk with the more gentle suck?

    Domperidone has a good rep as an effective galactagogue but nothing has a guarantee...

    Anyway, it sounds like you are doing what you can to ease distractions, some babies like movement when nursing so nursing in a sling, while walking around, on a bouncy ball, etc may help?

    I would also suggest maybe giving the bottle prior to nursing and then letting baby finish at the breast?

    Did you ever try a lactation aid? And when baby gets a bottle, is it given in a breastfeeding supportive way? http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf

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    Default Re: Baby squirming at breast-weak suck. Please help!

    I have been pumping since we started the formula when he was about a week old with a Medela Pump in Style dual pump. I only pump out about half an ounce to an ounce between both breast though. Usually after I can still hand express milk for a while, so my pump is not draining my breast.

    The weak suck is fairly new it seems like he gets frustrated and bored so he just struggles and breaks his latch.

    I believe he is not getting any milk, because after I first latch him on he does really well after let down he has five or six really good drinks then its like it shuts off his is just sucking then the squirming starts. I have tried breast compressions, but this doesn't seem to make a difference.

    I usually try breastfeeding first and offer both breasts before I offer the bottle. You think I would be more successful to offer the bottle first?

    I have never used a lactation aid I have never seen them or heard of them before. How can I give the bottle in a breastfeeding supportive way? I read the link, but that is pretty much how we give it to him.

    Thank you for you time. I need help! I really want to do this and so far it has been such a struggle!

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