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    ETA: just being curious..... i have read some posts mentioning family bed, is it the same as a king bed?
    I am pretty sure "family bed" just means parents and one or more kids in the same bed. I have heard of folks getting giant custom beds made, but mostly I have seen folks either make it work with one bed or putting more than one bed together, like pushing a single up to a King or Queen, that kind of thing.

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    @ lllmeg -- Thanx, no wonder i did not find any shopping results for "family bed" (so silly of me)

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    to add my two cents worth: we have a similar arrangement, dad sleeps in another room and I cosleep with our 3 1/2 year old. It works out fine because I go off to "visit" and return. we did not resume a sex life until he was almost 2 - and our problem was not my sex drive but his - he was present at the home birth and it was too much! It took him almost two years to see me as anything else but a mother.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*aditismum View Post
    @ lllmeg -- Thanx, no wonder i did not find any shopping results for "family bed" (so silly of me)
    I don’t think it is silly. I think there would be a great market for a 'family bed' that was made baby safe like cribs are, and sized for a family, so we were not all stuck putting our mattresses on the floor, filling in crevaces with rolled up blankets, using siderails, pushing beds together to make enough room, etc.

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