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Thread: Tongue tie, low supply, supplementing HELP!

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    Angry Tongue tie, low supply, supplementing HELP!

    Hi there,
    I wonder if any of you can help...
    I have a wonderful 7 wk old. He was born at home and was 7lb4ozs. He latched straight away and for the 1st few days fed and slept really well. I then had some pain in my left breast and seen a LC at the hospital she helped with postitioning and noticed his TT. She said see how you go it doesnt always effect feeding.

    We were ok for a few more weeks, until I noticed he was doing some odd things at the breast. This seemed to happen aroung 4 wks when he 'woke up' from birth. He would nurse for a short while and then fall off, he would root to go back on and would do the same (fall off) again. We would repeat this until he feel asleep.

    His weight gain has been slow. He was last weighed at his 6wks check and he was only 8lb3oz despite spending quite a lot of time on the boob. I started to think something was wrong. The HV also noticed his TT and said she didnt think it was interfering with BFing as he was gaining.

    The next few days he hit his 6wk growth spurt and was hungry! This is the point he started to get very frustrated and would just scream at the breast everytime he fell off and started to refuse to go back on. I was always able to get him back on but he was having none of it. I ended up giving him formula. He took it no probs and was a happy bunny again.
    This was saturday and there is no help at the hospital at the wkend so had to wait til monday. I continued to supplement with formula and BM through pumping and went to the infant feeding facilitator at the hos on mon. She recommended to clip the tongue and has refered us to get this done on weds. Hopefully we can get back on track after this has been taken care of.

    So I am concerned about a few things.
    1. My supply. I am putting him to the breast as much as possible and as much as he is happy to. He is generally more happy to do this when he is sleepy so through the night we are co sleeping and if he makes a peep I give him the breast even if he isnt hungry.
    I am pumping but I have 2.5 yr old as well and she takes up a lot of my time so I have only been able to do this 3-4 times per day. Obv anything I pump I will offer after he refuses the breast.
    I am drinking loads of water and taking fenugreek which is making me smell!

    2. Him refusing my breast and just not wanting to go on at all by the time weds rolls around. I dont want to force him and make it a negative experience so when he gets bad I stop and offer the EBM of formula depending on how much I have managed to express. I am only getting 2oz per pumping session. But this is a viscious cycle as I am then not stimulating my supply as much as it needs.

    I am worried I am not going to be able to re estabilsh EBF and am so desperate to. I hope that when its done we will be able to plan some babymoon days if I can get someone to help with my 2 yr old.
    Someone suggested to wear him in the sling skin to skin so him naked and me topless. I will start this asap as it sounds like a good idea.
    Does anyone out there have experience of this and if so do you have ny tips? Also were you able to EBF again of did you go down the slippery slope of supplementing.
    I have only been supplementing and pumping for 5 days so far so hopefully we are not too far gone.

    Any help will be gratefully recieved.
    Thank you !

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    Default Re: Tongue tie, low supply, supplementing HELP!

    welcome to the LLL forums kelsat!

    okay. so I see you want to get this LO back to being an exclusively breastfed baby.
    while waiting to see a specialist to have your LO's tongue tie clipped here are some recommendations

    Express your milk 8 -10 times a day.
    You can do this before a nursing session if you believe this will help stimulate a let down.. that way your LO won't have to work so hard to get at the milk in your breasts.
    You can feed him the expressed milk or the formula before nursing him, instead of nursing first then supplementing.
    2 ounces per pumping session is fine.

    If he is rejecting the breast consistently then of course feed him every two hours w/ 2 ounces of your expressed milk or w/ formula then get him back on the breast.
    You are on the right track... you will have a quicker transition back to the breast by expressing your milk more often
    by not letting your LO get distracted by hunger and by offering the breast when he is calmer.
    The important thing is not to let your LO lose any weight and to keep your milk supply stimulated.

    there are mothers on this forum who are experts on tongue tie I am certain they will have more tips to offer too.
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    Finally done in 2001

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    Default Re: Tongue tie, low supply, supplementing HELP!

    Be prepared for it to take some time after a tongue-tie clipping for him to relearn to nurse. Be sure to do all the recommended exercises to facilitate proper healing - Dr. Kotlow, a pediatric dentist, has some great information on his website about his tongue-tie procedure and care for the area afterwords. You may want to find a IBLC or equivalent expert (hopefully someone with experience with tongue-tie) to help with latching afterwards - additional therapies may be needed to help your little one relearn to use his tongue after the restriction is released.

    Keep offering the breast as often as possible/bearable and when time permits offer the breast, then offer the bottle and finish the feeding on the breast to help keep a positive association with the breast. Looking into paced bottle feeding - Kellymom is an excellent resource on this. Pump as often as you can try to add in a session between 12am and 5am if at all possible - that is when most of the milk making hormones work to your benefit. Most importantly, be kind to yourself as you work through this - you are doing a fantastic job already even though it may not feel like it.

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