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Thread: Just about ready to quit and ff

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    I used the nipple shield for about 7-9 weeks and then she just stopped needing it. Mine was partly due to having flat nipples and I think all the pumping and nursing drew them out and it became easier for her to latch on. We had many many difficulties breastfeeding and she was about at that age (she just turned 2 mos) when I was so exhausted and discouraged and thought she'd never get the hang of things. That was the one time I seriously considered quitting although I didn't want to. It still took us quite a bit of work, but it was worth it and still is. Keep coming here for support. You're doing great.
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    I'm glad I read this thread first--I gave birth June 18 and have been having similar problems. My baby wasn't premature but I think the shape of my nipples made it hard for him to latch in the hospital. They gave me a nipple shield almost immediately, and I wish they would have encouraged me to try harder on my own, but...water under the bridge. He's gaining weight and I have a huge supply, but it is very frustrating nursing in public. Any suggestions would be welcome!

    I am working on weaning him from the shield, but on days when he's gassy I don't try it because it does upset him. So any tips on weaning would be appreciated.

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