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Thread: Help! Constant Feeding!

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    DD is 8.5 months old and is constantly feeding. In the last 24 hours she has bfed 25 times and at solids 6 times. She's up every 20-60 minutes at night. She has reflux and MSPI. She is FTT due to slow weight gain in the past, but from 6 months when she began waking up at night again to her 8 month check up she gained 3.5 pounds, which is about what she gained in her first 6 months. She was worse than this until 3.5 months, then began sleeping 8-10 hours most nights. She was in a Rock N Play sleeper for her reflux from 3 months until 7 months when she figured out how to almost jump out of it, so she is in a crib when possible. Most nights I just pull her into bed with me so I don't have to walk the 2 feet to her crib so much. I'm going crazy! Her meds have been adjusted multiple times, but nothing is helping! She does not take a bottle any more, so I can't put cereal in the bottle (GI suggested as a last resort). Help please!

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    cereal in a bottle is probably not a great idea anyway, from my point of view. Grains are quite inflammatory to the guts and I'm not sure you'd want to add that to the equation anyway (rice is probably the best of the group, but still).

    What is she eating for solids?

    Given her age is it possible things are all screwy as she grows and such? Teething going on? Reaching new development milestones?

    Just throwing stuff out there in case something sticks :/

    All I really have to add other than that is hang in there. You'll both get through this, and someday you'll get a good night sleep again.

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    Welcome to the parenting world if it's not sleeping, it's screaming or what not. It's hard to not being able to sleep properly but it's totally normal. I have to say 8/10 hour stretches is too good to be truth, at least in my family. By my third I know I won't be able to sleep for a while and I'm ok, it's part of a babies life.
    At that age it could be teething too.

    Hang in there!

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