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    Before my daughter my period was very regular (28 day cycle). After my daughter was born I got my period 5 months later. Today my daughter is 13 months old and still breast feeding. My periods since her birth have been very irregular (35-45) day cycles. Could breast feeding have something to do with the irregularity? We want to start trying for number two, but I have no idea where to start because of my cycles.. I am beginning to think I am not even ovulating because my cycles are so irregular.. I am just looking for any input and advice! Thanks so much.

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    Taking Charge of Your Fertility is a great primer on how to chart, and how to use your fertility signs to identify when/if you're ovulating, and how to maximize your chances of conception. It also has some really good sections on how your fertility signs can indicate problems like short luteal phases or thyroid issues.

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