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Thread: Milk stops flowing after 5 min

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    Default Milk stops flowing after 5 min


    I have a 10 week old and work 3 12 hour shifts. I've had problems with milk supply early on so I have been diligent about pumping.

    0430 Nurse
    0630 Pump
    1000 Pump
    1300 Pump
    1600 Pump
    1930 Pump while driving home.
    2100 Nurse

    I make 7-8 oz per day

    I work in a hospital and can use a symphony. The thing is I feel like I am wasting my time pumping since my milk stops after 5 minutes. I've been pumping 10-15 min. I will rarely get a 2nd or third mini let down. Could the symphony just be more efficient?

    I'm thinking with the frequency of my pumping and completely emptying my breast I could stop 2 minutes after the milk stops flowing?

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    Default Re: Milk stops flowing after 5 min

    Keep pumping longer anyway. It's not about amount of milk. It's about stimulation. Start reducing that, and you will probably have trouble with supply. If you were EPing, you would need to pump for 2 hours a day. Since you are subbing a baby for half the day several times a week, pump as much as you can to protect your supply.

    Try switching the expression switch back to stimulation phase and massage and see if you can get that second letdown. But it is very rare for me to get a second letdown while pumping.
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