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Thread: Moisturizers safe?

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    Thank you!! The last thing I want to do is cause anyone unnecessary concern.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*yoginimama View Post
    I totally understand the desire to find something natural. I think that's up to each individual person. However, generally speaking I don't think there's any major risk to using regular lotions and shampoos as one continues their nursing relationship. I wouldn't slather it on my nipples, but who does that anyway? I think it's fine to use regular lotions on your body, including your breasts. I do know you aren't supposed to use acne treatments with salicylic acid in them while pregnant.

    I hear what you are saying about wanting to use natural products. It makes total sense. I just wanted to put this out there in case anybody reads this down the line and worries that their regular lotion may not be ok.
    I mean that's like arguing about organic vs non organic. I agree it's completely up to the individual what you put into or on your body. But Skin deep exists for a reason. And that is because people unknowingly are rubbing harmful stuff into their bodies all the time. Because they are unaware. Parabens cause some real concerns and moreso in LO as they have not yet reached puberty. I just want to put THAT out there in case someone reads this down the line and dismisses the idea of risk in using their regular products without actually doing any research.

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