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Thread: Any one else?

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    Default Any one else?

    My daughter just turned 9 months old this week. I swear that she breast feeds more times a day now then she did when she was 4 months old. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    She is getting solid food about 3 times a day. This is only because if I am eating she wants to be eating what ever it is I am lol.

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    I remember my second being very much like this. Maybe not nursing more often, but at least just as much.

    Could it be the warmer weather is contributing to her more frequent nursing?

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    Totally normal. Babies will pick up their nursing frequency for all sorts of reasons- growth spurts, teething, desire to reconnect with mama even as they grow more independent, experimenting with their growing ability to communicate their needs... Expect lots of ups and downs in demand frequency from now until the time you wean, even if weaning is years away.

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    My son will nurse 12-14x a day for a stretch of time, then wind back down again. There is a lot going on as they get older, and nursing seems to help with all of it.
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    babies/toddlers will have ups and downs depending on what's happening with them, their development and the world around them.
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    Normal. I remember reading in The Baby Book (Dr. Sears) something about a baby nurses an average of 4 times a day at a year. I was like, huh? Because my then 12 month old nursed about three times that often. I fretted to my LLL Leader about it and she said "even Dr. Sears can't always be right!"

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