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Thread: Pump weaning for 1st birthday

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    Alright, my son is almost 10 months old and I want to have an idea of what to expect when pump weaning at work. For DD I pumped till she was 15 months old and just gradually pump weaned, but I'm at a new job and pumping here is more difficult and I'd like to stop at 1 year. I have a decent freezer supply and DD will probably get breastmilk at home while I'm at work for a couple months.

    One of the issues I'm having is that my daughter wasn't really into solid food and therefore we never decreased her milk input while I was at work till she was over a year. My son loves solids, and I don't know how this should go. When he hits a year is the idea that solids and water are supporting him during the day (which I think he would totally do) and that he's getting breastmilk with me while I'm not at work? Is the 1 year pump wean because he should be getting cows milk + solids during the day and nursing with me in the evenings?

    I know it's to early to start anything, but I just want to get a better idea of the "process"

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    I think it depends on how much your son nurses while you're together. After his first birthday, as long as you nurse at least 4x a day he can just have water and solids while you are at work. If he nurses less that that you will probably want him to have an alternative milk during the day. My son gets water while I am away, then nurses about 6x while I'm home ever since I stopped pumping. That has worked out well for us.
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