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Thread: In desperate need of some help!

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    Default In desperate need of some help!

    Hello! This is my first post here, and let me apologize in advance because I am sure it will be lengthy. My son will be 4 weeks on Thursday, and we have had trouble bfing from day one. The LC told me I have "halfway" flat nipples, so I started using a shield on the first day. I eventually got him to latch on without the use of a shield, but only if I used a syringe with water or expressed BM squirted in his mouth. These feedings generally started with me trying to get him latched on for about the first 15 minutes (which include him crying as well as myself crying) We EBFed for about the first week and a half or maybe the full two weeks. It got to the point where my body would literally shake with pain, not only when he latched, but during the whole feeding. The last week I have just been pumping and feeding it to him from the bottle, simply because I could not handle the pain. I have done everything I can think of to try and "fix" his latch, but I am not even sure there is anything wrong with it! I have tried different holds, tried watching to make sure he is getting enough of the nipple in his mouth, pulling his chin down when he is latched, and I am sure there is more I am not thinking of. Everything seems good when he is latched on, I just dont know where the error is coming from.

    I have been supplementing him with formula at night over the past week, simply because I wasnt able to pump enough to keep up with his needs. I really want to get back to EBFing, but is it going to be possible for me to overcome this extreme pain that I cant even figure out the cause of?

    Sorry if this seems like a rambling mess, I just have a million things running through my head trying to figure this mess out. I really, really want this to work out. I had great regret of not BFing my older son for longer (I made it to a week with him) so I promised myself I would try everything in my power to make it work out this time.

    Any tips, suggestion, or help would be very greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!!

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    I feel your pain! Really I do. My lo is 20 weeks tomorrow and bfeeding was very painful for the first eleven weeks. I cried and dreaded every feeding. We used a nipple shield too. It's great that you got him on without the shield, we used one for 5 or 6 weeks. Don't feel a need to rush off of it though. I was advised that if it eliminated the pain and kept me bfeeding then use it, you can always wean off it later. Also, check with your doc t o make sure you don't have thrush. I had it but lo did not. I know this isn't much help, but you're doing your best for your baby but it's a relationship and has to work for both of you. We just waited it out and one day the pain went away, I hope it does for you too. Good luck. :-)

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    hi mama. it is very hard to try to stay calm and get your lo latched when they are screaming. you are doing well and try to stay positive.

    this link has some info on flat nipples. while nipple pain can be caused by a number of issues, poor latch, thrush, vasospasms, and more, moms with flat nipples can be more prone to nipple pain so maybe that is it.

    herel is some general info on nipple soreness, maybe it can help.

    my recommendation would be to see an IBCLC. the hands on help will really give you some guidance and some confidence. did you see an lc in the hospital? sometimes they are not so great, they can be wonderful but not always.
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    I keep hoping this will resolve itself eventually and that I will also have a day where I think "wow, the pain is gone!!" :-)

    Thank you both for the encouraging words!

    I did in fact see an LC every day I was in the hospital. The first day she just came in and was gone within 5 minutes, and the next day I had a different one who stayed in a little longer with me, but didnt really have much to say in regards to his latch. I actually believe at that time I was still using the shield, so I dont know that she would have much to say anyway. They have been good about answering my questions when I call, but I cant say that I am really enthused with the lack of one on one time in the hospital.

    So dumb question, what is IBCLC?

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    Default Re: In desperate need of some help!

    Internationally board certified lactation consultant
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    Default Re: In desperate need of some help!

    Greetings Sarahb2004!
    I wish I could turn back the clock and not have had the first LC mess with your confidence by giving you a nipple shield and labeling your nipples as"flat"
    it's the infant's suck that elongates the nipple, and elongation of the nipple is key to milk production and to painless nursing.
    A nipple shield prevents these two important physical events from occurring.

    However babies imprint quickly on whatever is placed in their mouths associated with nutrition.
    So that is why your infant resist latching w/o the shield in place.

    can you achieve the breastfeeding relationship of your dreams? Absolutely!!!

    What can help is..
    1. hospital rental double pump
    2.an at breast supplemental feeding system , called a Lact-aide or SNS
    3. a knowledgeable hands on lactation professional IBCLC and a LLL Leader who makes house visits who can be there for moral support

    The IBCLC can help you with all the gadgets and can weigh the baby, check for thrush, tongue tie, latch issues. She can help re-train your infant to suckle.
    In the mean time, you can read up on infant suck training, weaning from the nipple shield and re-establishing a milk supply.
    try kellymom.com
    Good Luck.
    Started my family in 1986
    Finally done in 2001

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