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    So, DD is 7.5mo. She went into daycare, started showing symptoms of cold 5 days later, and has been sick ever since. We are about a week short of it being 2 months straight. Cold turned into sinus infection, multiple scares of her dehydrating, even with constant nursing. Work is not being flexible at all. There is no chance of wah, taking her with me, etc. We have been paying full daycare for her, to keep the spot, and are taking her whenever we feel that we can, which isn't much. I really thought that she would get sick, but wouldn't be sick constantly, due to the bf. Don't know what else to do.

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    If only breastfeeding was the magic bullet that would keep kids from getting sick! But it's just not. Nothing can stand up to the assualt of vicious germs that come from daycare (or preschool, or kindergarten). The only thing you can be sure of is that if your baby wasn't breastfed, this situation would be so much worse.

    Has baby been thoroughly checked for bacterial infection? If some non-standard strain of bacteria is making your kid sick, and the usual antibiotics aren't knocking the infection out, maybe a bacterial culture would help you find the right antibiotics for the job.

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    Sorry to hear that But like PP, rest assured that your breastmilk IS helping her! When DS started daycare it seemed like he was constantly sick at that age. It does get better. And in fact, kids who were in daycare as babies seem to be healthier as older children. Their immunity builds up faster. Hang in there.
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    Statistically babies in daycare get sick way more often than those not in daycare. That is just a fact. We never did day care, but when my oldest started kindergarten, the whole family got sick more frequently for about a year. So it typically happens eventually to every family.

    That said, frankly if my baby had been THAT sick for 2 months straight, I would look into the sanitation policies at that particular daycare and also I would "drop in" and watch in real life how diaper changes are handled, how ill babies are separated/not separated from the others, how toys/bedding/cups etc. are sanitized, etc. and consider alternative day care options if I saw anything I did not like.

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