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Thread: How to start weaning when baby is in daycare?

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    Default How to start weaning when baby is in daycare?

    My son is almost 10 1/2 months old and I would like to start weaning him so that by the time he is one he will be daytime weaned only. I would like to continue nursing him in the morning and night as long as he's interested. His milk intake has decreased since he started solids and now he's averaging anywhere between 6 oz-10 oz per day while at daycare. When he transitions into the Waddler Room at age 1, he will not be allowed to bottle feed. But, in the infant room, they will not allow feeding breastmilk in sippycups/regular cups, so I'm confused as to go about weaning because what I've read has suggested offering a cup of breastmilk in a sippy/regular cup in place of a bottle. I've already cut out one pumping session during the day and when at home, we give him water in a regular cup (we don't use sippys) so he knows how to drink. Just not sure what I go about weaning him from bottles while he's in daycare. Any advice?

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    Default Re: How to start weaning when baby is in daycare?

    Sounds like a confusing day care. Could you possibly explain to them that you are trying to wean him off the bottle of BM and just as a trial basis do the BM in a spill-proof sippy cup? If they won't agree to that, I gave my son a sippy cup of coconut milk when I was away (But he was almost 1) and then BF when we were together. I found that he preferred the soft spout with handles to drink out of. You can also mix breastmilk with other fluids. That might help him adjust to drinking something else.
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    Default Re: How to start weaning when baby is in daycare?

    That does sound like a confusing daycare! Hat do they do with kids who are not ready for sippy cups/open cups at age one? Keep them in the infant room?

    Just to clarify, are you asking about how to encourage the transition to a sippy cup/open cup, or are you asking about reducing the amount of breastmilk your baby drinks? If the latter, then the answer is that until a year, you shouldn't be working on cutting down on his breastmilk intake. Babies are supposed to remain mostly breastfed (or formula-fed) until the first birthday, so if you were to cut down on baby's milk intake at this point you'd want to replace it with bottles of formula, at least for the next 1.5 months. Not much of a change from what you're doing, in terms of what baby is offered at daycare.

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    Default Re: How to start weaning when baby is in daycare?

    All of the daycares we visited had the policy of no bottles outside of the infant room. So, if your kid was slow the learn about cups (like mine was) they had to stay in the infant room. Luckily, the daycare we chose had an older infant room, too, where babies got ready for the toddler room and they still allowed bottles; the transition to toddler room look place around 16mo. At the other daycares there was no transistion room and babies were expected to be bottle weaned in the 12-13mo range. I am not saying it is right, I am just saying it is common.

    I would ask more questions about the no EBM in a sippy policy. What if you marked it like a breastmilk bottle and it was the no-spill kind of cup? How is that different than a bottle?

    I also agree that you should not be actively cutting back on expressing milk yet. If your son is nursing a bit less because he is into solids, that is one thing, but trying to cut back on bottles yourself is probably not a good idea until he is over a year.
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    Default Re: How to start weaning when baby is in daycare?

    This isn't in answer to your question, really, but I pump-weaned but did not day wean on the weekends, if that makes sense. I nurse on demand during the day on the weekends and overnight and don't pump at work. So you don't have to day wean on the weekends, unless you want to - and you can quit pumping at a year.

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    Default Re: How to start weaning when baby is in daycare?

    If your child can drink out of a cup I would just feed him water in a sippy while at daycare and continue to feed on demand while together. I don't think you have to prepare him for that. I didn't. I went back to work full time when my son was 14months old. And he drank water out of sippy and solids while there and nursed on demand when together. If it's not going to be until the year point I wouldn't worry at all about transition. I would just tell them WATER ONLY.

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