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Thread: Hot weather, increased fussiness and feedings, spit up

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    Default Hot weather, increased fussiness and feedings, spit up

    Hi Mamas,

    My little man is 15 weeks old and EBF. He has never spit up very much to date. In fact, as of a week ago, I probably could have counted the number of "big" spit ups, on one hand. Things seems to have changed in the last few days though... The weather here has gotten super hot and humid, and he seems to be much clingier and needing to feed more frequently than usual. I'm assuming it's because the heat is making him thirstier faster? As a result (maybe?) of the increased number and length of feeds, he is spitting up a lot. Several times a day if not more, and each time it is a lot, not just a dribble. I keep checking his temperature, but it seems normal. Aside from some increased fussiness and needing to be nursed more frequently he is overall the same as usual.

    Can I attribute the spitting up to the heat and increased feedings? Just feeling a bit of concern as he has never been one to spit up all that often.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Hot weather, increased fussiness and feedings, spit up

    I think the heat would indeed increase baby's thirst so he may nurse more, also the baby may nurse more and be clingy due to being uncomfortable and sweaty. And it is possible the spit up could be from the increased feedings, or maybe your letdown has become a tad more rapid which can happen. But as long as the spitups are not painful to baby, there is typically nothing to be concerned about spit up wise. It's entirely normal for babies to spit up, frequently and even copiously, and spit ups in a baby are not a typical sign of illness.

    You did not ask this but with the huge heat wave going on in the US I will mention, for anyone interested, that, for the breastfed baby, breastmilk contains all the water baby needs even in very hot climates. As long as baby gets all the breastmilk he or she wants, giving the breastfed baby supplemental water is not necessary & is potentially harmful.

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