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Thread: eat, sleep, play

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    Default eat, sleep, play

    Hello Mamas!

    My 6 month old DD has been nursing to sleep since she was a newborn and it has really worked for us. We co-sleep at night and mostly for naps as I am a stay at home mommy. Since she has been nursing to sleep it seems as if we have naturally fallen into the pattern of eat, sleep, then play during the day. Is this pattern okay? I have read that it's not good to associate eating with sleeping? Not sure if that is true or not and would like to hear advice from other moms who might have experience with this. Am I setting myself up for anything in the future as she gets older? We don't do babysitters right now so it's been working for us to get her to sleep. What are your thoughts/suggestions on this and do I have anything to worry about?

    Thank you!!!
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    I think you're following your instincts and it's working beautifully for you! Why would you change that?

    I'm currently raising babe #3 and we nurse to sleep. It's easy, it works, it's a happy and content way for them to go to sleep. I have no intentions of taking away an effective parenting tool. My almost 4 year old falls asleep really easily now. So does my almost 2 year old. Both nursed to sleep for the first year of their lives. Neither nurse to sleep now (weaned during pregnancy with their following sisters).

    Please don't let people cast doubt and trying to imply that there's a problem where it absolutely does not exist. You're doing great!
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    with pp. The other side to that is that I always nursed DS to sleep. But when I was working late and DH was doing bedtime, he did just fine with a bottle, and fell asleep quickly afterwards. Many people have all sorts of issues, but a lot of babies are also pretty flexible. If it's working for you I stay stick with it!

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    This is a really common concern, and when it comes up in LLL meetings I ask everyone who's baby usually nurses to sleep to raise their hands. Of course, the vast majority of mama's raise their hands!

    Long ago there was a margarine ad that had the tagline "It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature." I always think of that when a mom is cautioned to not let her baby nurse to sleep. I think to myself "It's Not Nice to Question Mother Nature!" Nursing at the breast very often puts babies to sleep-that is what it is SUPPOSED to do. In fact, nursing releases a relaxing hormonal response in both mother and baby. And being able to easily & reliably and gently ease your baby or older nursling into sleep is a benefit of breastfeeding that, imo, cannot be overstated. Think of the bedtime & naptime battles so many parents experience with toddlers, that are often avoided if the child still nurses to sleep. And no, nursing to sleep does not lead to a child never being able to sleep without nursing, or needing to snack oneself to sleep or whatever that fear is. As far as sitters go, I have babysat for friend's kids (breastfed and not) myself quite a bit over the years, as well as having sitters for my kids, and I have found some kids go to sleep well for sitters and some do not, and age, temperament, personality etc. makes more of a difference in this than if the child typically nurses to sleep or not. I have found having a flexible sitter (and being flexible myself in instructions to the sitter) makes life easiest for everyone.

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    When I nurse my 11mo DD, she typically falls asleep. While I taught summer school, I started her with a day care provider and (just to spite me, I know!!) she fell asleep with just a little cuddle and light rocking! So far, every one we've left her with got her to sleep without incident, and often times without a bottle of EBM. It used to be though that she wouldn't fall asleep in the car, but now she does (and I don't mind this new "habit" one bit!) I don't a see a problem with my baby associating nursing with sleep, or car rides with sleep, especially when I see that she is able to fall asleep without either, or is able to nurse,then play, or enjoy a car ride while quietly reading a book or singing along to the radio and not sleeping! As long as your baby is happy, and you are comfortable, keep on doing what you're doing, and your DD will follow suit!

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    Do what works until it's not working anymore and then reevaluate! I would give anything to be able to nurse my 2 year old to sleep, night time and naptime have become such a hassle without it.
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    DD1 and DD2 nursed to sleep until it didn't work anymore, now 5 and 3, they fall asleep by themselves with no issues. DD3 on the other hand, never fell asleep while nursing It was tough at the beginning, I miss nursing to sleep so I nurse until she turns around and sucks her thumb (like telling me, you can go mommy :'( she just doesn't nurse for comfort :'( Enjoy!!

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