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Thread: Gag reflex really strong in 7.5 month old

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    Default Gag reflex really strong in 7.5 month old

    She gags on purees. She also has an aversion to nursing. She doesn't mind to gnaw on some broccoli florets herself but since most feedings are still a struggle or at best short, I wouldnt' mind getting some extra calories/fluid into her.

    I'm wondering now if the gagging and her nursing aversion are related.

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    Default Re: Gag reflex really strong in 7.5 month old

    My 7 month old children were not eating any foods. . 3 of my children have FSH muscular dystrophy and they were/are gaggers. my dd5 threw up 4times a week due to her gagging and weak stomach sphincter. But when she was exclusively breastfed, no such problem existed.
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    Default Re: Gag reflex really strong in 7.5 month old

    I'd back off on solids and try again in several weeks (or a month). There is a very broad range of "normal" in babies. My #1 really didn't decide to eat solids until he was about 8.5mo or so old.

    If you're concerned about calories - breastmilk has WAY more calories (and healthy fat) than pretty much any baby food - http://kellymom.com/nutrition/starti...yfoodcalories/
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