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Thread: Breastfeeding law in the UK.

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    Default Breastfeeding law in the UK.

    Hi there,

    An interesting interview (Video) with Alan Susskind, a family law expert about breastfeeding in UK. Different regulations in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is worth to see.

    Breastfeeding law in the UK.

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    Thanks for this.

    I'm Scottish, but live in France where people are generally more accepting of bfing mothers. Sadly, at home there are many who are against it or embarrased by it I have had a less than good experience in one of my favourite museums once when nursing my DS... I was told to stop and move on. Since I didn't know the law surrounding this (I think this law has only recently come in since this experience) I moved on. Now I can NIP anywhere knowing they can't do this - after all I'm only feeding my baby, no? The most natural thing in the world

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