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Thread: New nipple pain

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    Default New nipple pain

    Yesterday I started having really intense pain on the bottom of my left nipple when my 5mo nurses. It hurts the rest of the time too, but not as badly. The pain does not go into the breast, and the right side feels fine. I can't see anything wrong with it, except maybe some small bumps that are the same color as the nipple? It doesn't look too different from the other side, though. No white dots the way a bleb is described. We had latch problems when he was an infant, but it hasn't hurt for him to nurse since he was about 3mo, and his latch looks the same as always. Any idea what this could be or how to relieve the pain? Thank you!

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    Default Re: New nipple pain

    I had a Montgomery gland (they're those little bumps on the areola) that got swollen, pinkish, and kinda painful, could that be what you have? I dunno, I'm just tossing it out there as a possibility. I tried to vary nursing positions to change where the pressure of my baby's latch was landing, and the swelling dissipated on its own after a few days. Warm moist compress/washcloth might help.

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    Blebs aren't always white. Sometimes they look just like the rest of the skin of the nipple, maybe slightly raised are baby nurses and there's milk bulging behind the skin. I actually think a bleb may be a good match for what you're experiencing.

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