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Thread: Question about spotting

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    Question Question about spotting

    With DD1 my period came back at 5 mo pp.

    DD2 is currently 2.5 mo old.

    My pp bleeding was all gone by 3ish weeks pp. But around the 8 week mark I had some spotting for about 5 days. Nothing serious, maybe a pantiliner or 2 a day.

    Then it was gone for a little over a week and I just spotted again for another 5ish days.

    I know that there are some hormonal fluctuations between 8-12 weeks pp but is this normal? It isn't much blood but I'm not really amused that I'm spotting so often.

    Any thoughts?

    FWIW DD2 is nursing every 2.5-3 hours during the day and sleeps 4-7 hours in a row at night

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    i would run this question by my doctor. Just to be sure.
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    This has happened to me a couple times. I would think all the PP bleeding would be done, and I'd have a week of it, then a couple weeks of nothing, then some bleeding again. It can be secondary to hormones, or you weren't completely done healing and did too much again, or ?? This happened to me up to 12 weeks PP.

    Keep track, as it may disappear for some months to years, or it may settle into a regular pattern.

    Issue with talking with your doc, unless you are sure your doc is BFing friendly, is they may say you need to quit and go on the pill.
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    When I told my doctor about spotting he thought it was from breastfeeding but that it wasn't really harmful (he mentioned going on the pill if I really wanted it to go away but it was shortly before we were going to TTC). But I would guess it's from hormones fluctuating. If your doctor says quit and take the pill you can always say breastfeeding is more important to you than getting rid of the spotting.
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