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Thread: reflux? baby spits up, fussy, gurgly tummy

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    Default reflux? baby spits up, fussy, gurgly tummy

    4mo son, exclusively breastfed, growing at a very healthy pace (8lbs birth, almost 16 now), alert, mostly happy/content and on track with normal development.
    It started with just spitting up, gassiness, gurgly stomach (you can hear and feel it when you're holding him). Now in the last few days he has escalated to very clearly being in pain after every feeding.

    - When he spits up it is sometimes obviously digested (goopy, curds, etc) and sometimes just liquid. When he spits up liquid it usually just comes out of his mouth spontaneously (without burps or signs of discomfort). With the digested milk, there are more obvious signs of discomfort.

    - Yesterday he threw up (digested milk) like you'd expect from a small child with the flu (the sort of retching vomiting).

    - He is more consistently not falling asleep at the breast (which he used to do at night and nap time), needing to be held upright by me (standing) and gently bounced to sleep. Once he's asleep at night, he usually sleeps well and nurses throughout the night (we cosleep).

    - He's nursing maybe once every two hours during the day, 4 hours at night. Usually just one side. I still have a relatively heavy letdown so I block feed.

    - He poops once or twice a day and it looks normal, if maybe a bit liquid-y.

    - I have cut out dairy (two weeks), soy (two weeks) and now caffeine (only a few days). I also stopped eating strong veggies like onions, garlic, cruciferous veg, etc.

    I am at a loss at this point. I cut out caffeine four days ago and we had two good days, then I had a half a cup on the third day and he's been worse since then. I can't believe caffeine could cause so much trouble (don't want to believe! I have four kids, I'm a tired mommy already!). Is that possible?
    I'm almost ready to try the whole Dr. Sears Elimination Diet, but find that incredibly daunting, both because I like flavor and because I dread the idea of cooking separate meals for my family for a month+. I'd love some input from other moms who've been here. Every time I google these symptoms we end up at reflux, but it sounds like mediation isn't really used except in very bad cases? And I prefer to avoid medication if I can.

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    Default Re: reflux? baby spits up, fussy, gurgly tummy

    Is it possible you are overproducing more than before? That would be kind of odd to start at this age, but can happen in some cases.
    Is baby taking longer stretches between nursing sessions? That can make fast letdown issues worse.
    When you say you are block feeding, what do you mean, exactly? And how long have you done so? This article on block feeding may be helpful: http://www.nancymohrbacher.com/blog?tag=Block+Feeding
    Does baby ever get bottles? Do you ever pump? Does baby every get anything to eat besides your breastmilk?
    is it possible baby actually is ill?
    Have you made any recent diet changes? Started taking anything like herbs, new tea, etc?

    If you suspect reflux, diet changes are not always needed. Reflux does tend to crop up or get worse at this age iirc. Allergies are probably the least likely issue. But if you suspect that, there are options for exploring that aside from a total elimination diet. Jack Newman has a protocol I like better. see the end of this article the section " Foreign Proteins in the Mother's Milk" http://www.nbci.ca/index.php?option=...baby&Itemid=17
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