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Thread: Been mia--but I am back =)

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    Cool Been mia--but I am back =)

    Hello all you moms out there. I have been away for a while but I think it's clear to come back to the wonderful ladies that have helped me from the day my little guy was born.

    My son is now ONE...crazzzzy, where has the time gone?

    He is still nursing strong. He nurses a min of 5 times during the day and at least once during the night. He also eats 3 meals a day and drinks water from a cup. :-D

    I have no problems or bumps in the road right now and luckily haven't in a while. One change though is we are back to cloth diapering and that is going great too. =)

    One question though---have any of you given cows milk and breast milk? I'm just wondering if that's what I am supposed to be doing at this point.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Been mia--but I am back =)

    As long as he's nursing at least 3-4 times a day, you don't have to give cow's milk. Happy birthday to your little guy! My DD is a day younger than your DS!

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    Default Re: Been mia--but I am back =)

    I have, but mostly because my supply tanked when I got pregnant (both times right around baby's 1st birthday). If I had enough breastmilk, I probably would have just stuck to nursing and fed yogurt and cheese and whatnot for calcium.

    What we ended up doing was nursing on demand but offering some milk at meals because it was clear her diaper output had dropped and she wasn't getting enough milk from me. So it's doable, but I'm not sure that it's what you're supposed to or not supposed to do... it's just what we did.

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    Default Re: Been mia--but I am back =)

    I did breastmilk when I was with Joe, but cow's milk when we were apart, after one. As time went on, he had cow's milk more frequently even when I was home. I think this is really a personal decision - there's no need for cow's milk (or any other milk) if you're nursing frequently (4X/day).

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    Default Re: Been mia--but I am back =)

    I think you can do whatever you want. My son is almost 20 months and doesn't drink any milk other than breastmilk. He drinks water when we are apart. My son has iron deficiency anemia which can be aggravated by cow's milk, so I am not in a hurry to get him on it. If you want to introduce cow's milk, however, there shouldn't be any harm in doing so as long as your baby doesn't have any health issues that would preclude it.
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