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Thread: Is it too late to try again?

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    Question Is it too late to try again?

    My baby is a week old today....I breast fed for the first 2 days but on the second night the nurses supplemented with a bottle and now my baby REFUSES to nurse!! I always offer the breast first but she gets so frustrated I give in and give her a bottle.My milk has slowed down but I bought a pump today I was able to get an ounce & a half the first time but I noticed it was kind of orange which is the fat right?Is my milk going to dry up?Is it too late to start and will mysupply pick back up if I pump every 2 hours? Also is it ok to store breast milk that I pump out today in just one bottle?

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    Congratulations on your new baby! Your baby is still very young, and it is not too late at all to try to nurse her again.

    I don't have a lot of personal experience with breast refusal or bottle preference, but here's some good info on getting your baby back to the breast while you are waiting for more experienced mamas to chime in:


    Although my baby never outright refused to nurse, he did fuss a lot (and even scream) at the breast when he was really little. Here are some things that I would do to get my baby calm enought to nurse:

    1. Latch/nurse my baby while walking with him in a sling or in my arms
    2. Latch/nurse while bouncing him on my knee
    3. Latch/nurse while rocking him and singing
    4. Nurse outside walking with him in the sling or sitting out on the deck
    5. Nurse in the bath

    I'm not sure how well these things will work if your baby completely refuses to nurse, but it doesn't hurt to try.

    Keep your baby skin to skin as much as possible. That will help calm her and help her want to latch.

    Pumping every 2 hours for 15-20 minute should help boost your supply. Make sure the shields fit properly and do breast compressions to maximize your output. It's no problem to store all your milk for one day in a single bottle. I pumped into the same bottles multiple times while I was working all the time.

    It's much easier to boost/maintain milk supply by nursing, so try to get your baby nursing again. Stay skin to skin and keep offering the breast, but don't force it.

    I'm sure other mamas will jump in with some more useful suggestions. Stick with it; you can do this!
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