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Thread: Help, 4days baby is not sucking, refutes my breast

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    Default Help, 4days baby is not sucking, refutes my breast

    Hello, I'm new on this and my English is not perfect but i have no idea what to do with my new born baby.... At the hospital nurses fed her with bottle and for my baby this was extremely easy, now that we are at home seems she just wont suck, she cries, closes her mouth, turns her head, and keeps doing this úntil I give her bottle again, is just not working but i really want to breast feed her.

    And seems i dont have milk, i need your advise

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    Default Re: Help, 4days baby is not sucking, refutes my breast

    So sorry that you are struggling.

    Do you have a breast pump to express milk while you work on getting her to latch? You also want to remove milk to avoid engorgement and build up your milk supply.

    I would encourage you to do lots of skin to skin contact with baby. Have the baby naked and you topless as much as possible. This can help her latch on. Make sure that she is not over-hungry at this point.

    There is something called an SNS (supplemental nursing system) that can help in your situation. You want to teach baby that milk comes from your breasts. You can run a tube from your nipple to the bottle (of expressed breast milk).
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    Default Re: Help, 4days baby is not sucking, refutes my breast

    It sounds like an in person appointment with a lactation consultant would be best! Find an IBCLC here: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/bfhelp-find/

    As PP mentioned, ALOT of skin to skin contact can help in orienting baby to breastfeeding. If baby was not nursing frequently then your milk supply may be delayed (was there any complications during your delivery? any blood loss? medications/seperation from baby?).

    More info at this link regarding getting baby to nurse: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/

    Hugs mama, getting help early will help you in the long run!
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    Default Re: Help, 4days baby is not sucking, refutes my breast

    PPs give very good advice. I don't know if it's in the linked articles, but maybe in this case a "finish at the breast" technique would be helpful, where you give baby a bottle to start with to get her initial hunger satisfied, but then bring her to the breast once she's calm, in order to associate the breast with fullness and comfort.
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