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Thread: How to handle biting?

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    Default How to handle biting?

    My 13.5 mo old has been biting me on and off since 3 mo. He is cutting a whole bunch of teeth at once now and bites and/or pulls when he latches on and off. What do you all do about biting? What if it gets really bad??

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    My baby started biting a lot around 11 months, and he thought it was really funny. I had to take him off the breast, and firmly but calmly say "No biting. Biting hurts." He just giggled at that, so I set him down and walked out of the room (if I stayed and tried to ignore him, he would just climb all over me) for about 30-60 seconds. He would cry until I returned, and then I would pick him up tell him I love him but biting hurts me and offer to nurse again. He stopped biting pretty quickly after that.

    Some of the biting was teething related though, and not conscious. At 13.5 months, it's very possible that molars are coming in and leading to biting. I had to make sure to unlatch my son once he stopped actively nursing and started drifting off to sleep because he would bite down as he fell asleep. Pay close attention while nursing; babies need to slip off the nipple some to bite. If your baby does this, you can unlatch him to avoid getting bit. You can also try to give a cold washcloth or teething ring before nursing to see if that helps.
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