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Thread: Exercise and breast feeding. Also pain in breasts

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    Default Exercise and breast feeding. Also pain in breasts

    Hi mamas!!

    My DD is 10 weeks and ebf and everything is going great! I am wanting to start exercising, but I'm worried about it affecting my supply. I was never much of an exerciser and am interested in the Zumba fitness DVDs. Have any of you done that? Do any of you know if that is okay to start with?

    Another question for all of you. Lately I have been getting sharp, quick pains deep in my breasts. It doesn't hurt too much, but it worries me a little. Should I be concerned?

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    Default Re: Exercise and breast feeding. Also pain in breasts

    Excersize is fine while breastfeeding. The one thing to be cautious about is your bra, since poorly fitted bras can cause plugged ducts or reductions in supply. So make sure you have one that is properly sized, and avoid bras that hold you in place by compression.

    I don't know about Zumba, but lots of moms here do or have done the 30 Day Shred, and there are even some threads going about it.

    Sharp, quick, twinges of pain are probably nothing to be concerned about. It could just be the sensation you get as your breasts refill. However, if the pain increases or starts to turn into a burning pain, it's time to start thinking about nasty things like plugged ducts, mastitis, or thrush.

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    Default Re: Exercise and breast feeding. Also pain in breasts

    I get those weird pains too...have been trying to figure out what they are! This is the second baby I have nursed...I don't remember having those pains with my first...but she is 11 now, so maybe I forgot, lol. They are super sharp, but go away immediately. Weird. No other symptoms of anything...baby's tongue is maybe a LITTLE white, but definitely not thick white coating like I would think thrush would be....

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    Default Re: Exercise and breast feeding. Also pain in breasts

    Thrush wouldn't be just on the tounge it would be on the inside of cheeks as well. I thought my LO had it becasue I get sharp pains as well. I know what mine are now though. I have a lot of milk so when I leak I get those pains and they stop as soon as it's done. I get the same pain when pumping and my letdown begins. I've looked once when I was getting those pains and sure enough I was dripping milk. Unsure if thats what it is for you but thats what mine is.

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    Default Re: Exercise and breast feeding. Also pain in breasts

    Another tip on exercising/bras - take your sports bra off as soon as possible afterward. Exercising on "empty" breasts also might help avoid clogged ducts.

    I also have some pain during letdown.


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