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Thread: 8 hour long "cluster feedings" normal?

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    Default Re: 8 hour long "cluster feedings" normal?

    my boys record is 13 hours! that was sore. i just stick him in a wrap sling with the boob in his mouth and let him get on with it now or id never get anything done. also lying on my side and letting him feed while i go back to sleep.
    that 3 week growth spurt was horrible but it only lasted 4 days. felt longer though

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    Default Re: 8 hour long "cluster feedings" normal?

    yep normal. My LO did this will all of his growth spurt times. Even this last 6mo one. All last week we would get home from work and nurse nurse nurse. I was kinda put out by it because it had been so long since he did this Then I remembered that he was turning 6 mo this weekend. And actually my DS was a month early and up until he was 4 mo he did this for his actual age and adjusted age.
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