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Thread: Big thanks to everyone!

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    Default Big thanks to everyone!

    Just wanted to thank those of you who helped me out during the first few months of breastfeeding. Finally, we have no problems! Pumping at work is going well. Baby is happy and is growing well, she's at the top of the charts! Breastfeeding is no longer a struggle and I'm so glad that I was able to stick it out. It was nice to be able to come here and get advice and suggestions from other moms who were currently going through or have already went through a lot of the same issues. Thanks for putting up with all of my venting too!

    I also wanted to say to those of you who are currently having problems, keep working at it. I never thought I'd make it through those first couple of months, but everything finally worked out.
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    Default Re: Big thanks to everyone!

    Thanks for the update and congrats!

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    Default Re: Big thanks to everyone!

    WTG mama and thanks for the update!
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