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Thread: Breastfeeding and supplementing milk

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    Question Breastfeeding and supplementing milk

    I have been breastfeeding for 15months and was wondering if I need to supplement with milk. We recently found out my daughter is allergic to milk , the doctor has recommended giving her soy milk but I have read that there are some bad side effects to giving soy to babies. I have tried rice milk and she does not want to drink it. Do I need to give her anything or is my breastmilk enough?

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    As long as you are still nursing her 3-5times in a 24 hour period, there is no need for any supplemental milk. You are providing her enough.

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    3-5 nursing sessions a day, and there's no need to supplement with animal milk.

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    My son nurses enough so he just gets water when we are apart.
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