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Thread: Urgent help re: oversupply! Advice & support required!

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    Hmm, I don't know, as I never had to encourage my ds to nurse. He was eating or comfort sucking ALL the time for so long it seemed like. I do remember getting a 3-4 hour stretch during the first part of the night, which was awesome, but for the most part it was like every hour and a half during the day and every 2-3 at night. But, again, that's what he needed and dictated. And more than that and I woke up in a puddle anyway, and it was winter and cold, so I nursed him frequently at night for selfish reasons, too, haha. By about 6 weeks we were starting to get better at side-lying, and before that we had been doing a reclined thing in bed at night where I dozed. So yeah, all that to say, "I don't really know."

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    Default Re: Urgent help re: oversupply! Advice & support required!

    Sorry to hijack this thread! If your block is 3 hrs, and you feed every 2 hrs, you basically use one breast for two feedings and then switch? Or, no matter how many times you offer in that 3 hr window, it's always the same side? I'm in the same boat with os; if ds goes 3 hrs between just one feeding on a day, it's back to green poops.

    I do think leg bicycling OFTEN helps him a ton with gas. And we've been doing warm baths every night.

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    If your block is 3 hours, then every time your baby nurses during that block you use the same breast. Then you switch to the other breast for the next 3 hours.

    If your baby is very young, then I wouldn't get too aggressive with block feeding. It's best to start small, nurse frequently, and use methods that don't influence supply like nursing reclined so that your baby's demand determines your supply more than anything else.
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